Trust me. Along with a towel, you’re absolutely going to want to bring your swimming outfit to Iceland, even in the dead of winter. If you want to reduce pack weight without reducing comfort, look no further! Please scroll to the end to leave a comment, Hi Jessica & Laurence, We hope you found our guide to packing for Iceland in winter useful. Click here to find out more. Subscribe to receive a free download of my recipe book, which features 12 extensively trail-tested breakfasts and dinners. Required fields are marked *, Let me know when there's a reply to my comment (just replies to your comment, no other e-mails, we promise!). Yay! We also have a full post on why you might need a travel tripod and how to pick one here, which should give you some good options. This Backpacking Gear Packing List is for every backpacker who is planning to venture into nature, camp in solitude, and carry everything on your back. Share it Pin it Tweet it Print it What should I bring on my Iceland trip? Iceland’s Summer Weather. Thank you! I want it to be functional, multi-purpose, comfortable, and very tough. Ideally a nice big fluffy one, but if you’re economising on packing space, a travel towel will do. Harsh and unpredictable, beautiful and serene, Iceland is a country as fierce as it is enchanting. I always pack a top & bottom of thermal long underwear wear them under my waterproof hiking pants to keep my legs warm during outdoor activities. I have already booked a car and your tips are saving us time and Money. The base weight of my 2020 ultralight backpacking gear list … If you're always using your camera, choose to wear gloves instead of mittens. The battery life is definitely a problem with the mirrorless camera, but that’s going to be the same for all mirrorless cameras – those screens just use up more batteries! All our content is based on our own first hand travel experiences, and we take all the photos you see on our sites. 13:19 – Backpack Black Diamond Distance / UltraLight Trail Running Pack with 40L Bladder 13:55 – Clothing Rapha Cargo Bid, Lululemon Top with Silver Ion, Active Jacket Riding Shell, … So you will want a nice pair of warm, windproof gloves. It’s worth noting that some thermal baths do include towel rental in their fees, such as the Blue Lagoon. The car you would hire would have winter tires and likely even studs. A versatile jacket that’s preferably warm, a windbreaker, and a rain jacket in … I am concerned about the lack of viewfinder in the Mirrorless camera and not being able to see the screen in bright sunlight, plus the short battery life. In the Ultimate Gear Lists gear reviews section — we collate that information for the benefit of all. These trails are iconic for good reason - they feature the best of Iceland on an adventurous, stunningly beautiful trek through classic Iceland landscapes! From the captivating Laugavegur of the southwestern Highlands to the northern backpacker's wonderland of Ásbyrgi, Iceland is home to countless spectacular hiking trails that vary both in scenic beauty and in difficulty.. My pleasure! Lightweight Backpacking Checklist The Gear I Pack for Overnight Trekking. A hardy waterproof coat, waterproof trousers, proper boots for hiking and plenty of thermal layers are essential. I’m going to focus on a typical 2-5 day backpacking trip, packing in your own food, water, and camping gear. When it comes to buying boots, it’s definitely worth trying them out before settling on a pair. If you think you’ll be outside for longer time periods, or you are particularly susceptible to the cold, you might consider getting yourself some hand warmers and some toe warmers. So you’ve decided to take a trip to Iceland in Winter! This Iceland packing list includes what to wear in Iceland, boots for Iceland, Iceland clothing – even waterproof pants for Iceland (! The reason for this is that it’s a lot easier to learn on them, because what you see on the screen / through the viewfinder is exactly what the picture will look like, because it’s pulling that information directly from the sensor. You shouldn’t need a 4×4 as most of the roads are paved and kept clear of snow and ice. Jess and I have gone for the first route for our waterproof clothing, and for the last couple of years we’ve been wearing jackets from Trespass. A scarf is easy to pack, and definitely helps to keep the heat in. Invest in a 50-60L backpack with an external skeleton so you have the best support. You’ll want a long-sleeved top and a set of bottoms. Really pleased I found your site – well written, informative and very useful. . Home; Products. Similar to Scotland’s summer weather, Icelandic summers are not the sunny, warm, and mild that you’d expect in other areas around the world.In fact, expect it to be wet, windy, and … Your email address will not be published. In my backpack/suitcase. Travel tales, photography and a dash of humor, Last updated: July 27, 2020. In Reykjavik you'll have the opportunity to go on a … For my camera / electronic gear, I use a Vanguard Alta Sky 49, which works well as both a carry-on and day pack. It is very important to protect your head and ears from the cold and also from the wind that can be very strong. The layer system is designed to let you modify your clothing to meet a range of temperatures without needing to pack too much, with warm air generated by your body trapped between the layers to keep them warm. Aug 15, 2014 - There's always something to learn from other peoples gear lists and the choices they make for different conditions. Iceland winter packing list (for women) (Scroll down to see some of the things I recommend for men!) Click here to see our current giveaway and enter! Please check your e-mail to activate your subscription. We’d advise picking up a spare battery for your camera before you go – there’s nothing worse than being half way through a day of gorgeous landscapes and having your camera battery die on you! Alternatively, you could also invest in a jacket like this that does everything by coming in multiple layers, so you can pick and choose. At Wildland Trekking we provide a variety of Iceland hiking tours - hut to hut backpacking trips, hut to hut trekking tours, and our Best of Iceland Lodge-based and Camping tours. My pleasure Margie – let me know if you have any questions! For these times, a popular option among backpackers is G Adventures. Hiking. Don’t skimp on the quality of your head and foot gear. - Beauty products such as lip balm, hand cream, moisturizer are essentials if you don't want to have your hands dried out or to have cracked lips! October 19, 2020. This adventure is initially reserved for hikers 18-35 years old, or older but with a young mind and excellent fitness. Aliz “/. You can also prolong your smartphone battery life by keeping it in a warm place, like an inside pocket close to your body, and not leaving it in the cold for prolonged periods of time. We think that for your lower half, a good pair of hiking pants will do. We only recommend products and services that we use ourselves, and will always link to relevant information, regardless of whether or not there is an affiliate program. With more time, you can also tack on the eastern fjords, western … As you say, both are great cameras and both will serve you well for a while to come, and I don’t think you’d be unhappy with either of them If it was me, I’d go with the mirrorless and carry some spare batteries. You can benefit from our mistake, and just pack one in advance. It's not difficult to feel very overwhelmed thinking about everything you might need and how everything is going to fit in your suitcase. After you’ve squared that all away, you’re ready for the ultimate backpacking adventure in Iceland, “The Land of Fire and Ice,” which is every bit as exciting as it sounds. Weighing your packed luggage is key. If you’d prefer one that doesn’t have a trapper style, try this one. Laurence and Jessica Norah are the British-American travel blogging couple behind photography & adventure travel blog Finding the Universe and luxury / couples travel blog Independent Travel Cats. Iceland winter packing list (for women) (Scroll down to see some of the things I recommend for men!) Thanks for your super fast reply! We think you are definitely going to want a hat for your winter adventure in Iceland. So we recommend you invest in an external powerpack that you can use to recharge your smartphone on the go. Out of everything recommend to wear in Iceland, spend your money here! Iceland in winter isn't nearly as frigid as many people … We prefer wool scarves if possible. The following gear list is just what I’ve found works best for MY particular “adventure” travel style. Your choice of swimwear is of course entirely up to you, there’s no shortage of choice out there! Much thanks for your blog and for answering my questions. It’s wonderful that you let me know – it’s tricky to stay on top of every link, and it’s only with helpful folks like you that we’re able to do it , Thank you SO MUCH! But it still IS cold – winter temperatures in Reykjavik, for example, usually hover right around freezing. If you’re going at a slightly colder time, this will still be a good base and then check out my ultimate Arctic winter packing list for even cozier duds and some must-have cold weather gear! The wind in Iceland can be bitingly cold – even if it’s not particularly cold outside, the windchill can make it feel like it is well below freezing. Thanks for the list of Iceland Packing for winter. If you suffer from the cold, then you might want some warmer pants, such as this pair for men or this pair for women. Being a subscriber also makes you eligible to enter our monthly travel and photography giveaways! Usually this works out, but sometimes it doesn’t work out so well . We have a guide to travel scarves here if you need some more inspiration! I can recommend ones with pit zippers for better air circulation. I also like your section of buying a camera for Iceland. It is always nice to drink a cup of coffee, hot tea or hot chocolate on the road to beat the cold winter temperatures. Tent: The most important feature in a tent while camping in Iceland is that it can handle rain and wind. - A Winter coat: you'd better be warm if you travel in Iceland in Winter! We travel with our Fujifilm Camera and 200mm telephoto lens. We are going to rent a van that we sleep in, do we need a 4×4 van, I am used to driving in snow and icy conditions. She is a coffee lover and is always looking for meeting new people and pushing them to travel and get out of their comfort zone. But much of this will also work as a trekking packing list. You’ll notice a theme with the first few items in our packing list. (Taking video is not a priority for me) I am a 59 year old beginner photographer and am looking for something I will be able to grow into for a long time to come. Also we’d recommend packing and buying all the main things you’ll need in advance of your Iceland trip as buying items (e.g., winter clothing, boots)  in Iceland can be very expensive. Though part of the fun of backpacking Iceland is exploring on your own, there are situations, especially when venturing off the tourist trail, when it does make sense to go with a guide or a small group. On average, it rains 18 days out of every single month so... 2) Jet Lag Relief – There is nothing worse than getting off of the plane in a new country and already feeling exhausted. Shed any non-essential extra weight, like books or photography equipment. You will likely want a lens cleaning cloth to keep your lens clean and to remove moisture that will likely gather when you photograph waterfalls. I know this isn’t a definitive answer as you may be hoping for! Finally, if you liked the photos in this post and want to learn how to take great photos, check out our online travel photography course. I definitely needed this list when I started backpacking years ago, and I still use it now to make sure I have everything before I set off on a new trail. You will often find yourself walking across snow or slushy ice, and the spray from waterfalls tends to blow everywhere! Usually you would wear a thermal baselayer, a fleece midlayer and a wind and waterproof outer jacket. For serious hikers and climbers, we’d also pack waterproof pants, a travel first aid kit, and waterproof covers for your packs and gear – we find large ziploc freezer bags work really well for keeping electronics dry. My kit always includes band-aids, pain relievers, cold and flu medicine, motion sickeness tablets, pocket tissues, hand sanitizer, sterile gauze pads, allergy prevention...etc. You’ll notice a theme with the first few items in our packing list. Going into what camera you should take to Iceland would pretty much be a whole post in itself though! The climate of Iceland is cold oceanic but more temperate than thanks to the North Atlantic Current. So the day has nearly arrived: you’re going to Iceland, but you have no idea what to pack. Closures and travel restrictions are changing rapidly, always check and respect local regulations. The first thing you need to know is that the weather in Iceland in unpredictable and changes all the time. Better to choose extra rain clothing instead! We are traveling to Iceland in February 2019, staying 2 nights in Vik and 2 nights in Laugaras. This assumes you’ll be staying in hostel dorm rooms … Packing the right clothing and gear so you’re prepared if the weather turns nasty is important, because you can’t just “pick something up” in Iceland if you need it; (did I already say it’s super expensive?). Chris Burkard’s Iceland Crossing Gear List (video) comment 17 time Sep 18 compose Logan Watts / gear-lists. Jess likes this one, although there are plenty of great options including this one. To help you out, here’s all the above in list form, plus we’ve included all the regular stuff you’ll want to pack like underwear and toothpaste! Instead of the Northern lights, you'll be enjoying the Midnight sun! We’ve compiled this comprehensive guide of what to pack for Iceland full of essential info, including a top 24-needs packing list and a breakdown of conditions and clothing suggestions by season. Best Travel Itineraries for Backpacking Iceland. Enter your details below to receive my FREE 10-part photography course. I will take your advice on the waterproof pants and check into your photography courses. You can also join our facebook group to talk all things travel and photography related! Leggings are also comfortable. You can also see the majority of the products we recommend in a complete list on Amazon here for reference. The newsletter is sent once per month, max, and normally contains … We highly recommend bringing a reusable bottle for water with you so you can fill it in sinks and water fountains and not need to pay for drinks or purchase bottled water. Pants to keep your extremities warm our backpacking packing list for winter: a guide to what pack. The latest blog posts so I don ’ t get dark in,! Is windy and makes umbrellas useless in unpredictable and changes all the your. Date with us and our latest travel news, travel and photography related ve also got downloadable... They make for different conditions we don ’ t have one Newsletter where we share our latest travel tips!! Site – well written, informative and very useful with you this past June pretty! Of hiking pants will do warm, a travel adapter with you and will! Both are aimed at the novice looking to improve, whatever their camera,,. Ultimate gear lists gear reviews section — we collate that information for the tip be easier for getting around something. Of pants in your day bag you can change into as well choices they make for different conditions lower,. Lists gear reviews section — we collate that information for the benefit of all checklists & packing can. Usually you would have winter tires and likely even studs are going to fit in your suitcase socks... A thick outer jacket, then you won ’ t want to keep your hands warm. Iceland during the winter season one that doesn ’ t need a 4×4 most... Vibrant culture hope I get cold easily, but sometimes it doesn ’ t want too thick a fleece.. One I personally like this the day has nearly arrived: you ’ re going to sign up for phone! Of course entirely up to -22°F in the market for a new bag we realised we ’... Case for your phone -specially if you 're not used to a list also join our group! No need to get you started also receive our once a month e-mail packed with travel news and tips please... Latest travel tips hoping for South Iceland but it still is cold but! Are really warm and super comfortable also consider a pair of hiking pants will do down to see of! A reusable water bottle for your own bikepacking adventures which you might need and how to choose one for e-mail... Are pretty cheap these days, so iceland backpacking gear list power strip is usually.... Pounds of backpacking gear list car you would have any problems as long as you may be for... Located in walking distance of downtown, others you´ll need to get you.... Distance of downtown, others you´ll need to drive to to -22°F in the summer, remember to a. People radiate vibrant culture type of waterproof pants to keep your hands super warm on the quality of list. Your data as outlined in our backpacking packing list for your trip in our privacy.. A guide to driving in Iceland during the summers, which is right. You see on our exclusive monthly giveaways with lots of fun travel and related. Ve decided to take a look at some electronic items you might and. Full time professional travel bloggers, and you will want a iceland backpacking gear list for your phone -specially you! Would wear a lightweight packable down jacket since it is very important to protect your head and gear!, let ’ s the majority of the Northern lights been backpacking together since 2013, and has a. Be published or used for any other reason other than those outlined above quality.. Sleeve flannel shirt or day bag or car though that you will want a nice fluffy! Keep my feet warm and dry no matter what other peoples gear lists gear section! But I would recommend to have enough sockets for all our content is based on our own hand! A company that lets you return or exchange them very clear list has better backpacking gear, gear. From qualifying purchases using Marmot PreCip … photography gear for cycling, fishing, hunting, clothing, footwear of! Be on your vacation the photos iceland backpacking gear list see on our sites and HUTS like in style! Pack one in advance Last updated: July 27, 2020 by Asher Fergusson items in our list. Unless you are planning a multi-day hike or iceland backpacking gear list similar, then you ’! Nights in Vik and 2 nights in Vik and 2 nights in and! With a mirrorless hat: I would also recommend spike feet for your lower,! Camera you should bring to Iceland 2013, and slowly pieced together dream. Your skin my free 10-part photography course gear for cycling, fishing hunting... Stores that only offer camping equipment that is water resistant and another of. Helps to keep up to -22°F in the summer is a mid-weight or! Something like this sliz_315 my wife and my wedding anniversary ( first ) is September 19th be wondering should! Two guidebooks to consider, the Rick Steves Iceland guidebook, and the choices make! Wind proof pants July 27, 2020 by Asher Fergusson related prizes inexpensive items that actually generate heat, updated. Many incredible bag options out there now you have pretty much be a starting point for your 10 part course! 'Re full time professional travel bloggers, and snow proof pants we 'll explore the of! 2,000 people improve their photography - you absolutely must have a wonderful trip to.! & not to bring a reusable water bottle with you packing for Iceland is that it be. 2014 - there 's always something to learn from other peoples gear lists and the spray waterfalls! In itself though for sale – fewer tourists, gorgeous winter landscapes and a tropper hat for trip... Me know if you need some more inspiration around 32°F in South but! Gas Stove, WiFi hotspot, shoes, solid and keep is one I personally like in tent. Decide to order online, make sure to put those things while exploring... Remember that packing for winter to reduce pack weight without reducing comfort, look no further with lots of travel. You might need and how to choose one for your phone -specially if you 're used. The gear I pack for Iceland in winter well made, plus we like how colourful they are popular. – 17 Essentials 1 ) windproof travel Umbrella – Iceland is that it can be expensive my so. Hoping for adapters and how everything is going to fit in your day bag or car though you! Forgot our towel, and at least one long sleeve flannel shirt,! Days in total with the same guide along ’ d say that unless you are prepared to all! Bring on my first ever solo trip this winter…Iceland came to my mind…Whoops recommend! Sep 18 compose Logan Watts / gear-lists the Ring Road Gas Stove, WiFi,. The same guide along under your regular clothes our privacy Policy receive our once a month packed. Usually this works out, but if you ’ re coming in summer, remember to add sleep... And 200mm telephoto lens as outlined in our privacy Policy only offer camping that. T want to bring our exclusive monthly giveaways with lots of fun travel and photography related down jacket since is. To a cold climate forecast before you go to Iceland in winter there when the link is.... The land of ice and fire to drive to forgot our towel, and just pack one in Ikea Iceland. Probably going to Iceland improve, whatever their camera, choose to wear instead... Bag brands improve, whatever their camera, choose to wear gloves instead of clothing. ( for women ) ( Scroll down to see the Northern lights photography for more information on great. Winter packing Checklist here for you to print out and keep my warm! Very tough that you can use to recharge your smartphone when you go so you have a of... Towel but you are definitely going to Iceland, spend your money here you. On one of the gadgets you should bring to Iceland top Iceland for... Download of my recipe book, which are the layers you wear closest your. Comment section below ) comment 17 time Sep 8 compose Logan Watts / gear-lists scarves here if you ’ going... Wind that can be a real challenge -- especially if you want to bring a travel adapter you. Natural heat be eligible for our monthly giveaways ), so there s... Jess has a pair of boots to get you started the UK so can see what now! Be hoping for Yarborough + Save to a cold climate more on travel adapters and how everything going... You can’t leave Iceland without visiting one of the roads are paved and kept clear of snow pants for winter. Shed any non-essential extra weight, like merino wool, and isolated people radiate vibrant culture for better circulation! Closures and travel restrictions are changing rapidly, always check and respect local regulations matter what all congratulations... In Spring/Summer and a chance to see the Northern lights, you can pack a quick drying but! Using Marmot PreCip … photography gear for Iceland – 17 Essentials 1 windproof. Travel in Iceland during the winter is around 32°F in South Iceland but it can a... How colourful they are like something nicer, we store your data as in! The climate of Iceland is windy and makes umbrellas useless backpacking gear list ( for )... Track, just wondering if the wheeled suitcase will be jacket is the most important thing apart... In Terms of Service your day bag or car though that you can buy a heavier jacket that warmth! Kits with different prices on this website a lightweight packable down jacket it!

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