Be helpful and kind and yours will be published no problem. And, now it's time to create Image Gallery with 3D Flip Animation in HTML & CSS. This is not flipping the real image? RSS readers apply their own CSS to their pages. }, img:hover { Quickly add a border around an image. I have succesfully managed to flip an image when clicking on it. Add Text to an Image. Both are done with the same property, so the latter overwrites the former. Unfortunately, we will need to wait some extra time “may be months, may be years” to relay on it, as for now there are a lot of people uses IE8 to brows websites. display: block; This CSS property will be set via jQuery. The CSS flipping techniques only alter the presentation of an image, not the actual pixel data. CSS Card Flip is also a card flip animation for digital cards, but this one uses a different card flipping animation. @Pat Learn how to flip an image (add a mirror effect) with CSS. Following is the code to flip and image using CSS −Example Live Demo × Home. This article deals with a picture that has to be displayed differently on computer monitorsand mobile phones. 3 new examples. Quickly add text to any image. We want the image to rotate continuously, and we want to change the animation transition timing from the default ease to a consistent speed curve, called linear.. Add this .linear declaration block to your CSS stylesheet: A few months back, we created CSS image rotate animation that triggers on click event. *May or may not contain any actual "CSS" Learn how to flip background image using CSS? -moz-transform: scaleX(-1); Use this online photo editor to flip an image horizontally or vertically. Now if you reload your browser tab, you should see your image rotating a single time over 2 seconds (2s).But we need to do two more things. The tweening between the “from” and “to” points will create the animation. In this tutorial you will learn how to create blog post cards that flip on hover revealing the post excerpt on the back of the card. The Content With width and height both set to 100%, our .card__content will take up all the space of the parent element, which is that of the .card__container that we just set up a moment ago. My flipped image renders blurry for some reason? “Mirror Tube” Example